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When was the last time you dealt with a salesperson that said you should not buy a product / service from me? Or said You should order XYZ product from ACME Inc. instead of my company?

That is the kind of advice DAS Computer Consultants gives their clients every day. Our goal is always to meet your business needs as quickly and cost effectively as possible. We always act in your best interests, not ours.

Who are we? Innovative thinkers and doers who thrive on using technology to elevate business operations to a whole new level of efficiency, user simplicity, and creativity.

We thrive on solving your toughest challenges, clear communications (no geek speak), saving you time and money, and distinguishing your business from your competitors.

Have a look around, read what other clients say about us in Clients, see some Projects that we are allowed to discuss with the public, and remember that our world class services are only a phone call away.

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customized programming • strategic planning • office systems installation
routine back up/maintenance • hands-on/remote support • network solutions

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Microsoft Webcast on the Art of Debugging - Supplemental Information

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