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ABOUT David A. Soussan

When all systems fail, David Soussan’s phone number or e-mail address may be the only help line that matters. David has built his reputation on his incredibly creative problem solving skills. His experience working for companies like Motorola, Sun Electric, Rockwell, and Iteris has enabled him to tackle a diverse array of challenges in varying corporate environments with unique computing system demands, stretching his knowledge and firsthand experience as a trouble shooter. After taking his first college level computer class while in 7th grade (1976), the next year he was paid for writing software for the local community college as well as tutored the college students in their programming classes. Since then, he has continuously both self and school educated himself as a degreed systems/software engineer. David has been responsible for integrating software, hardware, communications, and documentation for emerging small to medium businesses, Fortune 500 companies, as well as large-scale government projects.

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Includes but is not limited to the following IT & engineering arenas:

  • Software development
    A partial list of skills can be found on the solutions page
  • Server Configuration and Installation
    Ongoing server back-up/maintenance
    Designing and implementing expansion

  • Web-based Remote Systems Management

  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack mitigation

  • Network Systems Design and Installation

  • Ongoing Technical Support and Business Solutions

  • Intra/Internet Infrastructure

  • Failed Hard Drive Data Recovery

  • Web-based Surveying and Data Base Management
    ASP web development
    SQL server development
    Crystal reports
    Automated, customized data-driven client PowerPoint presentations

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
    OC-48 backbone (2.4 Gb/s fiber)
    165 video camera real-time display
    2000 loop detectors
    900 MHz spread spectrum communications

  • In-flight Entertainment Systems
    Live movies delivered to individual seats
    Interactive games
    Internet access
    All from 40,000 feet above the ocean

  • Digital RF (Radio Frequency) Communications
    Protocol analysis
    Embedded software (design, program, debug, test)

  • Computerized Automotive Diagnostics