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How to get Server 2003 working on an Intel Desktop Board

I've built a lot of systems in my day. From wire-wrapping an 1802 based CPU with 256 bytes (that is right -- not Kilo, Mega, or Giga, but bytes of RAM) to the first PC Clones to today. It isn't even something I put on a resume, much like I don't put "Consumes food for energy" on it either.


A year or so ago I was finally getting to upgrading some older Duron 750 MHz based systems up to Core2 Duo CPUs when I hit on an interesting snag. The system board I'd chosen, the Intel DG965WH didn't support server based operating systems. When contacted, Intel's response was that this was a desktop board and meant for desktop operating systems, not for servers.


Like that's ever stopped me in the past!


So I proceeded to go about modifying the desktop utilities so they'd work with Server 2003.


This is written to help anyone else that is trying to go down the same path. It is highly probable the techniques shown here will work on other Intel "desktop boards"


If this helped you, please send me a short note! I've got lots of other info in the 'Cool Stuff' section of my website.


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(Update: July 2008)

Since this was first written, I've gotten a couple of BSODs on my system. I am in the process of nailing down which driver might be at fault. Shoot me an email if you want an instantaneous status update VS. waiting for a final answer to appear here. Thanks!


(Update: March 2009)


The BSODs must have been related to a beta of an antivirus vendor I partner with as since the release and installation of the production code, the system has been rock solid.


(Update: January 2010)


I got a note from someone in the UK that informed me the same procedure worked for Windows Home Server (WHS) as well as for Windows 2003 Small Business Server (SBS, SBS2003). He was using the Intel DG45FC motherboard.


(Experiment: January 2012)


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So, without any delay, onto the installation guide!




First, go through the CD that comes with the board and use their 'one step installer'



As you can see, only two of the components installed correctly (I grabbed this screen shot before the Network drivers had finished).

I wanted the RAID controller status and control GUI as well as the Management Engine Interface. The MEI provides visibility into the status of all the fans, temperature sensors, and other miscellaneous hardware features of the system board.

These were the components that Intel had decided they wouldn't make work on a Server operating system. For some reason, installing the Network Connections driver took a long time. I don't know if Intel was plug-and-playing every Intel chip driver ever invented or not, but it took a long time on my setup.

And yet when I returned, the Device Manger didn't have network adapters on it:

So here were the final screens:

If you go into the properties for that Ethernet controller, you'll see the drivers are indeed not installed:


Click Reinstall Driver

Install from a list or specific location...

You'll have to point at a specific directory on the CD-ROM that came with the board:

The whole path I used was:


And you should see some good messages:

Next: PCI Simple Communications Controller

Open the same CD and nagivate to:

and run Setup.exe


You will get this very helpful error message:

That is OK! Copy the entire setup directory tree off the CD-ROM and into c:\temp
Then open up the file heci.inf in a notepad
Scroll down and find the section that looks like this:

Copy the entire section under [Intel.NTx86.5.1] to the section just above it labeled [Intel.NTx86.5.2] Right now it says it is a blank section that doesn't support 2003. Copying this part of the inf file allows 2003 to recognize the driver files. I'd copy the exact text for you and give you the file, but that would violate Intel's copyright ...

Save the file and go into the device's properties:

Click Reinstall, and point at the driver files:

I copied the tree into c:\temp\\HECI -- so depending on where you copied it, point to that new location.


You'll get a warning message box... Click Yes...

And the wizard finishes up.

And look at Device Manager now -- no yellow exclamation points, and the driver is happy and healthy.

Now to get your fan speed control applet running.... On the CD-ROM, navigate here and run setup.exe: D:\Applications\Software\Applications\SW_Application\Intel_Desktop_Utilities\IDU_3.0.11.16

You'll get another alert box...

Hit yes. It will look around for SMBios.sys

In my case, that file was at: D:\Applications\Software\Applications\SW_Application\Intel_Desktop_Utilities\IDU_3.0.11.16\smbios Point to that directory and let her rip...

And you'll get another driver lookup ...

Hit Yes, then the IDU install launches.

Read the EULA carefully (don't we all?) and hit a bunch of next buttons ...


Once it is installed, you'll have a nifty new icon in the system tray. Hit it and see all the monitoring software for the system board:

And as you can see, the Intel Desktop Utilities are now running on Server 2003 Enterprise Edition!

But don't call Intel and expect them to support this <grin>

Lastly, you need the graphics drivers, also unsupported on Server 2003. By default, Server 2003 installs the 'Standard VGA Graphics Adapter'

Select Properties (or right-click and select Properties)


Select the Driver tab

Click the Update Driver button

Don't let it search -- install from a specific location:

Point to this location if you are using the CD-ROM that came with the board (at least my version was here):



Note: There are newer drivers on Intel's website. Running with the CD's drivers, I did get a BSOD reboot which when I analyzed the crashdump looked like it was coming from the graphics subsystem. I recently (6/11/2008) updated to the newer drivers and will report back in a month if I get another BSOD.

The newer Intel drivers were, dated 4/16/2008, get them here:
or look for newer on Intel's download page for this board here:

Unzip the file to a temporary location and find the 'Graphics' directory. Point to that one when asked where the drivers are instead of pointing to the CD directory I gave above.

And you are done, except for a system restart:

And when the system reboots, you have a fully functional Server 2003 system with all the drivers and management utilities working nicely!

If you found an error, please let me know and I'll correct it. If you used this to get another model Intel Desktop Board running server 2003, please let me know the model number and I'll add it to the list. I've also heard from a few that this helped get things working on Server 2008 as well, but I haven't personally done that.

If you found this helpful, please send me a brief email -- one line will more than do. If I see people need, want, and / or use this kind of information that will encourage me to keep creating this kind of content. Whereas if I never hear from anyone, then why bother?

I can be reached at:
das (at-sign) dascomputerconsultants (dot) com


David Soussan

(C) 2008, 2010 DAS Computer Consultants, LTD.  All Rights Reserved.


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I also found what I think is a similar site in German that linked to me, so here is a link to his site as well: