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How to install Canon EOS software when you can't find your original installation disk!

Here is the story - you've got your Canon EOS digital camera and just bought a new computer. So you look all over the house and can't find that original "Canon EOS Digital Camera Solution Disk Software" version whatever that came with your camera.

No problem - you go to Canon's website, punch in your camera model, operating system version, and there are new version of every one of the products that are on the disk!

So you download Digital Photo Professional version 3.8 (which is way cool, IMHO, especially since it comes free with your EOS cameras - whereas the Nikonians have to pay for software from Nikon! +1 for Canon!)

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Then you go to install the software and are greeted with this friendly dialogue box:

EOS Install Error Dialogue Box

The application to be updated is not installed. The following application(s) can be updated.
Digital Photo Professional
RAW Image Task
EOS Viewer Utility
File Viewer Utility
After installing the application to be updated, restart it.

Now what do you do?

Canon's answer is "Go find your original disk, or buy another one." Kind of silly - the software is there on the website to download, but you can't use it unless you have an older version already installed, one from that original disk.

Dammit Jim, I'm a photographer, not an engineer!

Fortunately for you, I'm an engineer. I only play photographer for fun.

I did up this quick file for Windows XP 32 bit - it will add the keys necessary to your registry. Download it, unzip the file inside, double-click it, you'll get a warning that says you are about to add keys to your registry - say OK, then run the update you downloaded from Canon's EOS support downloads page.

If you are running a 32 bit version of Windows 7 or Windows XP, the file you want is here.

If you are running a 64 bit version of Windows 7, the file you want is here.

If you are running Vista, you should either step back to Windows XP or up to Windows 7. Seriously. But that is another article.

I have tested the 64 bit files with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 - worked like a champ!

If this helped you, if you'd like to say thanks, or if you'd like to throw a rotten tomato at me, send me an email to eos [at] dascc dot com. I love hearing from people that have found my solutions helpful!

Good luck!

David Soussan

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