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Microsoft Access Wizards are Broken

A short article here - for a change.

I recently had all my Microsoft Access 2010 wizards break.

Checking with another system that has Office 2010 on it, they were broken there as well.

Details below!

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Wizards are all broken

On my main system, a Windows 7 64 bit with Microsoft Office 2010, I get the following error message when I run many of the wizards in Microsoft Access:

"The wizard you've requested is not installed or is in a bad state. Please install or reinstall the wizard. If you do not have permission to do this on your computer, please contact your help desk representative."

I get this when attempting to run any of the following Microsoft Access 2010 wizards:

Database Documenter
Analyze Table
Analyze Performance
SQL Server Move Data Wizard
Access Database Move Data Wizard
Add-ins add in manager
Switchboard Manager

Here is the exact error message dialogue (all images are thumbnails, click to see the full size image):

Access 2010 Wizard Not Installed

Lots of reasons

Doing the requisite web searching, there are a lot of reasons this can happen and all kinds of suggestions, some of which worked in the past for some users.

You can find people deleting directories and running Access again, tweaking permissions and adding directories to the trust center, running repair installs, and all kinds of things. You are certainly welcome to check those, but ...

If you have Microsoft Updates turned on and pushed right away by default, then your system was broken by default when an update that had a defect was pushed to your system. That update is "Update for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB3085515) 32-Bit Edition" which was released on 3/9/2016 and broke all the wizards listed above.

Bad Microsoft Update 3085515 KB3085515

As you can see, this system automatically installed the update from 3/9/2016 and was immediately broken.

The uninstall can be seen here:

Uninstalling KB3085515

If you go to the KB article now, it says "This update is no longer available from Microsoft Update or the Microsoft Download Center."

The article with instructions on how to remove it are here:

Too bad Microsoft Update has no auto-remove-update feature. Until the search engines find content like this, users and administrators will be flailing about with other solutions that don't work.

One more note - apparently I have the update installed twice, once for Microsoft Visio Professional 2010 and one for Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. So far I only uninstalled it from the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. (If it was a security vulnerability, do I want to open myself up?)  I might change that stance when I go into Visio next if I see an error message there. Microsoft didn't say anything about visio being broken that I could find, so ... this might be updated very soon. If you send me an email, I'll let you know if anything changes.


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